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7 Wall Art Painting Organizing Ideas for the Small Size Homes

by Rebecca Daniel

Wall art paintings can beautifully enhance the overall look of your walls. Adding paintings allows one to reflect not just their personality but it is also a great way to add colours to the space. Wall paintings are suitable for any theme of home decor India be it the contemporary, traditional or minimalist. The best part about creating a gallery wall in a small house is that these paintings shwcase your passion for art and artists as well as add vibrance to your space. 

The premium quality of canvas wall art painting can be used to accommodate art from well-known artists at an affordable cost. Wall art paintings for living room are for everyone as the varied designs and patterns can adapt to any location in your room be it the kids’ space or the living room that requires vivid art forms. However, organizing the art in a small house can be a tricky task. This comprehensive guide has got you covered with amazing tips and tricks on how to cohesively arrange your favourite wall paintings along with metal wall decor for a truly unique look. You can get inspired and make your walls shine in colours with these inspiring ideas to decorate your cute little space. 

Things to remember before buying wall art: 

  • Types of Wall Art Paintings: There are multiple types of wall paintings for living room available ranging from exquisite canvas paintings like the Lima Butterfly and Leaf Framed Canvas Print and authentic hand-painted art like the Woodland Artistry Hand Painted Wall Art. Depending on your choice you should wisely select the appropriate type of wall painting. 
  • Colour Scheme of the wall: Never miss the colour scheme of your wall while placing the wall art paintings. Most home decor India enthusiasts prefer placing dark-coloured paintings in living room over the pastel walls and vice versa. However, never shy off from placing bold colours in your small spaces like scarlet red or sunshine yellow in the living room or the dining area Living white
  • Size of the painting: Even before buying the painting the location of the place should be decided to choose the correct size for the painting. One can choose to place a panel of 3 individual paintings or one large statement piece that will ideally fit to the small walls in your home.  

Some of the ways to organize wall paintings in your lovely abode are:

  • Create Gallery Walls: Gallery walls are the most efficient ways to accommodate art in a small space. Place all your favourite pictures and paintings in one place to create a colourful space with less space demand. Paintings like Quebec Artsy Framed Canvas Print can be complemented with other framed pictures to accentuate the look of the wall. Gallery walls are useful to showcase your love for decor with the requirement of big walls or spacious interiors.  
  • Choose a statement piece: Some wall paintings like Its a Colorful World Abstract Painting can be the showstopper for compact locations in your house. Using handmade art to decorate walls as a single decorative piece is an amazing way of creating beautiful walls with minimal space.  Blue and Gold Hues Hand Painted Painting is yet another piece of beauty that makes a fabulous statement piece to refresh your small spaces.  
  • Traditional Wall Art: If you are someone who loves traditional decor but lacks space then ethnic-themed prints are ideal to bring the vibe. This can be done by placing ethnic prints like the Ancient Indian Art Inspired Framed Canvas Print. This is one of the elegant canvas paintings in royal traditional colours and a rich golden frame that will add the perfect hint of luxury to your interiors. Through such prints, luxury meets elegance even in a tiny space. 
  • Match the furniture: Choose the art that stands the test of time and tide and goes with the texture of your furniture. Wall paintings like the Abstract Shapes Framed Canvas Print are perfect to match furniture of any colour or texture. These abstract paintings are versatile, minimal, and look modern when placed in small bedrooms and living rooms. Another great idea is to use contrasting patterns and colours of wall painting that will complement your small spaces. Using a similar colour scheme helps to create visual appeal of larger space in a small home. 
  • Arrange a themed wall:  Showcase your inner creativity through themed decor like the travel-inspired paintings such as Lost in Amsterdam Cityscape handmade Painting that brings the colours of Amsterdam right to your home. Themed wall is another way of utilizing a small space by placing all your art at one place.
  • Geometric Wall Paintings– Smaller spaces can be decorated by using geometric patterns as they not only enhance the beauty of the space but also create an illusion of larger spaces. Wall paintings like the Orion Geometric Shapes Framed Canvas Art and Jackson Geometric Shapes Framed Canvas Print are unparalleled fits for your small yet lively abode. Make your walls speak the language of modernity with these prints. 
  • Nature Inspired Panel Paintings: Placing paintings as a collection of two or three individual paintings is quite in vogue for smaller homes. To create a serene and calm little space, use nature-inspired panel paintings like the Caviar 3 Panel Framed Canvas Print. It is one great way of introducing art in small spaces. Lawrence Magnificent Butterflies Framed Canvas Print is another print that will help you bring the intricacies of nature to your tiny and sweet.

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These were some of the top choices and ways of arranging wall art painting in small size homes. These decor ideas for small spaces help to create an intimate and welcoming abode without taking up much space on your walls. Wall paintings along with wall decor items like the metal wall decor bring the walls to life in so many different ways like by adding textures and colors. Paintings are thus the finest option to enhance your home decor India by incorporating all your sentiments through prints and colours without a hefty demand for a large space. How do you plan to use our ideas to decorate your space? Let us know!

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