7 Reasons Why Your Tennis Court Needs LED Lights

LED Lights

HID lights have been a staple of the world for decades now. However, thanks to scientific advancements, we are able to utilize far superior technology, in this case, light-emitting diodes (or LED lights for short). Today, we will talk about the 7 biggest reasons why you should introduce LED lights to your tennis court. Let’s get right into it.

1) It Cuts Down Maintenance Expenses

The largest problem for any sports facility is not the initial investment, it’s the maintenance. Court owners around the world are trying to find ways of reducing their maintenance costs. Well, look no further, because a big money-saver is called LED lighting. These lights are known for being the more energy-efficient light source in comparison to their HID counterparts. You can start seeing the financial differences over the span of a single month. And as the months go by, you will continue being in a larger surplus than you would have been if you didn’t change up your lighting previously.

These lights do not only reduce your expenses, but also the upkeep! Truthfully, there is not much upkeep that you need to do with LED lights. Clean them periodically, remove the excess dust and dirt from the lenses and you are good to go!

2) It Helps the Environment

If the financial factor isn’t enough, then you should acknowledge the difference you are making in the environment. Opting for LED lighting is not only the more beneficial option finance-wise, but it also gives you a strong impact on the environment around you. LED lights help us reduce our carbon footprint while still maintaining our healthy lifestyles. HID lights consume around 100 watts per hour, while LED lights consume almost a third of that! LED lights consume only 30 watts per hour. Opting for this alternative will improve your reputation while also giving you the same tennis experience as you’ve had before.

3) You Get Grants for Doing So

Believe it or not, you can even get a grant for swapping to LED lights! The Australian government offers grants and subsidies to citizens who are willing to swap to this eco-friendly alternative. For more information about the program, click here. It allows you to swap to a more efficient way of illumination for your tennis court while also capitalizing off of this (in my opinion, very generous) grant. It is perfectly in line with Australian policies, that actively stimulate green transition for athletic fields of all kinds.

4) They Will Last Longer Than HID Lights

LED lights are known as the most energy-efficient source of light by today’s standards, using an incredible 75% less energy than other light sources. While HID lights last up to 20,000 hours, LED lights last an amazing 100,000 hours! But they don’t only last for a long time, they also retain most of their original lighting power throughout their lifespan.

5) There Will Be Less Spilling Light

The light produced by HID lights is omnidirectional. This means that they, as you might have guessed, produce light in every direction. The problem occurs due to the lack of directional focus with the lighting, causing unnecessary illumination, more eye-straining, and needless expenses. In contrast to this, LED lights have directional focus, which means they focus their illumination in a specific direction which relieves you from the above-mentioned problems, making them a great addition to your property and making every game of tennis equally enjoyable.

6) No Warm-Up Time is Needed

Wanted to play an evening match of tennis but forgot to turn on the lights five minutes earlier? Well, now you’re gonna have to wait an extra five minutes for the lights to reach maximum illumination. Or… You could use LED lights for your tennis court instead. A great thing about LED lights is that the moment you turn them on, they will fully illuminate the area. There is no wait time for reaching their full illumination, you just turn them on and the deed is done. With them, you will never need to plan ahead just for turning on the lights.

7) It Offers a Painless Transition

An advantage of this type of lighting is that they utilize the same structure as all ordinary lightbulbs, which makes the entire transition to LED lights completely easy and painless. This eliminates the problem with some energetic transitions that can cause soaring headaches to owners, as the transition is just far too complex.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to swapping to LED lights. Some are financial, and some are ecological, but at the end of the day, we are trying to help you see the many benefits that LED lights can bring not only to your tennis court but also to other parts of your property. Till next time!


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