5 Ways You’re Preventing Your Happiness


Bravery replaces fear when you let it go. When you let go of doubt, faith steps in. The only exception to this phenomenon is that nothing changes if you let go of a bright idea. You’re still joyful. The True You is that. Your understanding will improve, and your doubts will be replaced with certainty if you let go of pleasant ideas.

It’s fantastic to see that the exact opposite of thinking replaces whatever thoughts you let go of. A positive idea replaces a negative one when you let it go. A pleasant view returns a sad one when you let it go. Anger is replaced with calm when you let it go. Contentment replaces jealousy when you let it go.

You could believe that getting rid of all reviews will leave you nothing but an empty shell. You must let go of joyful emotions and thoughts. Let all ideas go.

You could believe that letting go of your sentiments and emotions would turn you into a mindless zombie. That is false. You have these thoughts. I said it’s untrue. Your mind will be uncluttered and free to experience much stronger emotions.

1. Anxiety

One of the worst things you can do if you want to have a better life is worry. Worrying pulls us away from the present and into a fictitious future or a frozen past, neither of which promotes positive emotions. And wasting time worrying about the “worst case scenario” prevents you from being “happy.”

Worrying about your current circumstances—your debts, your children, your parents, your work, the economy, your health, etc.—won’t make them go away; it will only make things worse and make you feel more frustrated.

Treating anxiety can lead to a more upbeat, brighter state of mind! Imagine “what if” I do this. Think about “what if” I did that. I ponder the “what if” scenario before acting appropriately. Make a plan of action, carry it out, and then let it go. Peace of mind and a happier, more relaxed you are all left!

2. Having Martyrdom

Victim, Willing Victim, and Sacrificed Victim You see what I mean! Most people endure misery and are justified in doing so. Do you know what the term “martyr” means? Do you know any joyful martyrs?

They constantly moan that no one values them or what they do, yet they are unable to either stop whining or stop putting themselves in danger to meet the demands of others. Why are you ready to forego your own needs, time, and health in favor of others?

Is it in search of praise, affirmation, or Appreciation? If you’re going to help someone, do it out of a sense of love and generosity and only if you’re willing to or feel compelled to.

Just picture Mother Teresa. She never saw what she accomplished as a sacrifice for herself. You don’t have to become the next Mother Teresa. Still, if you keep feeling guilty about helping others, happiness will evade you indefinitely, even when you show affection to an animal. You can decide. Either you are joyful, or you are a martyr—your choice.

3. Not Being of Service or Helping Others

Ever notice how content volunteers are? They are acting on a personal decision to support a person or cause. They give of themselves, whether their resources, time, abilities, or skills.

Being of service and helping others lifts us out of our small worlds (and difficulties) and into something more significant. I’m not referring to turning into a Martyr.

Giving without any goal, expectation, or expectation of return demonstrates that we genuinely live from the heart. We gain on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level in addition to the recipient. And the ultimate satisfaction comes from living and giving from the heart.

Giving helps us feel good, and happiness comes from feeling good. Finding a group, cause, or individual you want to support and donating to them immediately is a no-brainer. You’ll be overcome with joy as a result!

4. Not Taking Chances or Holding Back

Are you living your life as you want to, or are you taking the safe route? If you’re holding yourself back, consider if you’re happy with your current situation. Why are you being cautious if the answer is no? Is playing tiny making you happy?

Are you content to be a lesser version of yourself? When we do this to ourselves, we are not only unhappy with where we are in life, but we are also jealous of those successful individuals who seem to have it all. Beginning with Feeling Sorry for Ourselves, things quickly get out of hand. Therefore, get back up, dust yourself off, and “Go for It”!

You have a huge dream and vision in your heart, and they are there for a purpose. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have enough time, money, or skills. Take little movements, like 3 Foot Tosses, if necessary, but keep moving toward your objective.

It was intended for you to make it happen, to make it a reality. Do not be frightened to make errors. There are only lessons to be learned in life; such things do not exist. So remember this happiness lesson: Carpe Diem!

5. Ignoring Appreciation

Does being thankful make us happier? Yes, you bet! Many overlook the incredibly potent item in our “Happiness Toolbox” called gratitude.

We neglect to express our gratitude for everything in our lives because we are so preoccupied with the things that aren’t functioning, not how we show to, or not this, or that.

Even on the days when you believe there is nothing to be thankful for, pause and reconsider like a writer. Sometimes, all it takes is expressing gratitude for the things we frequently take for granted. Be appreciative of your breath. Be respectful of every functional aspect of your body.

Be appreciative of Mother Earth. Be thankful that you have another day to be grateful for on our earth! Say a great job to your team, thank your wife, and appreciate your friendships! The more you concentrate on your blessings, the more you discover for which to be grateful.

I guarantee you can find at least 100 things to be thankful for now! So, please take out a diary and begin recording them. Next time you’re having a bad day, take it up and remind yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for! “To touch paradise is to live in gratitude” – (Johannes A. Gaertner). Happiness is only another term for heaven!

Final thought

The True You, unconditionally happy and stress-free, will remain if you let go of your concerns, doubts, and skepticism. Watch, accept, and let it go. Go back and observe, recognize, and let it go if you forget to perform any of these three stages or are having trouble with them.

Live in the present moment and put all ideas aside. That is the straightforward solution to how to be joyful and stress-free. It’s a lovely thing.


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