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5 Unique and Amazing Ways For Attaining Peace

by Rebecca Daniel

Everyone and the world at large need peace for a better life. Peace of mind, peace in society, and peace in the home are essential for all. Almost everyone strives for peace as they search for their daily bread. 

Thankfully, the path to finding and attaining peace is not far-fetched. It is not about running to the Himalayas or taking a break from a vacation in the Bahamas. While one might not be able to achieve peace overnight, it is possible to imbibe habits that will make peace come naturally to you.  

This article will explore several tips that can guide you towards attracting and retaining peace: 

Connect With Nature 

Spending time in nature, like taking short walks in the park, relaxing at the beach, exploring a natural forest park, cycling through, etc., can help you find peace. Being in touch with nature allows one to appreciate various things life offers and prevents you from being captivated by stressful thoughts. 

This practice is common in Japanese Culture, known as forest bathing. It does not require actual bathing but spending time in nature by absorbing the forest atmosphere. According to esearch, when you find yourself in the natural environment, it can dispel trigger feelings of stress and foster calmness and inner peace.  

Spending time in nature promotes a feeling of social connection and kindness, relieving worry, fear, and anger, reducing the risk of depression, etc.  

Use of Crystals 

Crystals can be beneficial when one is overwhelmed by situations and emotions. Such can be incredibly helpful in healing traumatic wounds, learning forgiveness and acceptance, and developing resilience. These stones can guide one towards self-recovery and emotional balance, and a sense of deep inner peace.  

These crystals exist in various types, providing emotional stability, peace, and balance. This can be traced to their ability to resonate with the nervous system, thus fostering inner strength and balance. Keeping these crystals by your side can be your ticket to peace of mind.  

Mind What You Consume  

Unknown to many, what you eat also affects how you feel, your mood, and ultimately your level of peace. However, many people might not realize this because they are so used to consuming junk. As a result, linking their feeling of misery with their meals might not come naturally.  

Consuming whole and healthy meals can improve focus, foster better moods, and make you feel good about yourself. 

This contrasts with junk, fast foods, excessive sugar, soda, etc. Such foods have no real value or benefits. Besides, they could negatively affect your mood, make you cranky, and affect your output and disposition about life.  

According to research, some food items influence mood-modifying brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Such neurotransmitters are found in foods eaten, and people feel the effect after eating such meals. Examples are foods with probiotics, grapes, Salmon, Mushrooms, etc. 

Free Woman showing apple and bitten doughnut Stock PhotoEmbrace Forgiveness

Humans’ normal and natural response is to feel hurt, angry, gloomy, or sad when someone wrongs you. This is the expected and understandable response. However, it becomes an issue when you hold on to grudges, as such won’t do much for your inner peace.  

Holding on to feelings of disappointment, anger, and frustration is costly as it saps lots of emotional energy. In the long run, it can contribute to several physical and mental health symptoms like poor sleep patterns, depression, anxiety, stomach issues, etc.  

Besides, self-forgiveness is essential as well. When you forgive someone who wrongs you, you release yourself from hurt. As a result, both you and the other party benefit.  

Based on research n 2016, some adults of different ages who practiced forgiving for five weeks have reduced mental health issues and less stress.  

This article is not disputing that forgiveness doesn’t come on a platter of gold. Many things go alongside forgiveness, like empathy, acceptance, and compassion. Real forgiveness, often, is a long and emotionally painful process. It is often more than uttering the words: “I forgive you.”  

When you forgive someone, resist the habit of ruminating over what happened. Constantly going over what happened will only leave your mind in regret and self-pity rather than erasing what happened.  

Love Yourself  

Loving yourself, irrespective of the situation and circumstance can foster peace. Another tool that can guide you towards inner peace is self-care. When you love and care for yourself, it can set the stage for happiness and inner peace.  

The process of loving yourself involves many things. You must look after your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Simple things you can do to love yourself include giving yourself a treat, not restricting the opportunity to have a vacation, not ditching a night out with the girls, regular exercise, healthy eating, checking your health regularly, and many others. 

A healthy relationship with yourself is essential for healthy living. Not only will you be at peace with yourself, but such positive feelings will also project onto people around you. Taking care of yourself by buying good clothes and giving yourself a pedicure or manicure will improve your self-esteem, making you feel good about yourself. 

Alongside the healthy inner peace, you will attain, your relationship with people around you will also improve.  


Peace is not something you run after in some distant country. One can attain inner peace, stability, and tranquility with a simple adjustment in lifestyle choices. This article has explored various ways that can guide one towards attaining peace.  

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