5 Things You Should Consider While Buying A New TV


Choosing a TV, making a payment, and bringing it home – if buying a TV was this easy, you wouldn’t be here! 

You will find a zillion revolutionary TVs featuring their unique technology combinations in today’s market. And each of them with a competitive price besides unique panel technologies, processing speed, algorithms, HDR support, resolutions, and whatnot!  

While walking into the TV stores and looking at the walls covered in hundreds of TVs showing the same video, you might get lost. Plus, surfing online about the best TV available, you might end up losing patience and faith in the process. Therefore, in this guide, we have jotted down five tips for you to consider before buying a TV. 

These tips are like ground rules and help you make a wise choice. 

1. Go For OLED Instead of LCD TVs 

Gone are those days of wall-mounting LCD televisions in your house. Now is the time for better, beautiful, and brilliant. That’s why you should ditch LCD television and instead go for OLED TVs from Samsung, Vizio, or TCL not to break your bank much. TVs like OLED65CXPTA are slim and intelligent, but they feature a system of organic phosphors in self-emitting pixels. 

Unlike used in any LCD TV, such a system allows the TV pixels to generate individual light without depending on neighbor pixels. If you bring this technology to your home, you can experience watching TV with more comprehensive angels without compromising colors or contrast effects. 

2. Decide The Screen Size You Want 

There isn’t much limit to the growing sizes of the latest televisions, is there? From fourteen to over a hundred inches of televisions are available on the market. So the question is, how to define the perfect size for you? The best thing to do is measure the wall size of your living room or bedroom to hang your TV and decide the ideal size of TV needed. 

Almost all the flagship televisions of most brands come in a size range from 32-inch to 55-inch for sure because it is the most desirable range globally. If you don’t want to dominate your space with a TV, go for a compact size like 32-inch or 40-inch. However, if you want luxury, go beyond 65 inches. 

3. Look For Resolution And HDR 

After all, all the hustle is to get excellent visuals on the TV, don’t you agree? Then, why compromise on the TV resolutions and HDR? Currently, two resolutions are in trend – Ultra HD and (4K) and HD. Ultra HD TVs have 3840 x 2160 pixels, whereas HD TVs carry 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

Therefore, we recommend a 4K television as it has four times more pixels than HD ones. The 4K TV prices are slashed down, primarily because of their popularity across the UK. If you purchase a TV for your living room, go with 4K resolution and skip 8K as they are over pricey. Moreover, you can always prefer HD televisions for your second screens.

4. Check The Quality of Speakers And Sounds 

You might get surprised, but all the same-looking flat televisions have a huge disparity when it comes to sound quality. The description of a TV always talks about the power of its speakers—for instance, 5 to 10 watts of power per speaker. Instead, it would be best to focus on the configuration of every speaker the TV has and the total speakers that come with it while screening the TV for your house. Check for the bass and audio spectrum the sound system of your favorite generates. It will help you identify if you would have to install any additional soundbars or not. 

5. Stick To The Budget Strictly

Once you check every aspect of the TV you love, you should ensure that it falls within your budget. The bug-sized TVs always lure you away with greater results. But, you have to stick to your budget strictly. Moreover, you have to establish a budget beforehand to start the screening process of buying a television. You can expect to pay around $500 for an excellent budget 55-inch 4K TV. Moreover, if you wish to have a 65-inch model, you have to be ready to spend at least 900 bucks on it. Remember, a television with better visuals, upgraded speakers, and next-gen features will always cost you more.


There’s nothing like not getting a top-rated TV at a discount. You can always look for offers and upcoming sales to purchase your choice of the TV at a discounted price. But before you visit a store, check all the factors online of the TV you have screened topmost like its warranty services, after-sale services, and the highest discount offered. 

Also, if you are making an online purchase, don’t skip visiting the nearby store to check the output of your picked television in person. The features described online might not convince you 100% when you see them with the naked eye. That said, you can make a wise decision only after Buying A New TV you explore the options both online and offline, so always do both! 


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