5 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter


The digital medium has taken over everything we do in business card. Right from sending mail, to signing contracts, attending business , even networking. So, a paper printed business card might seem to be a bit archaic. 

However, business cards have not lost their significance even in today’s digital world. In fact, business is one thing that digital will not replace anytime soon completely.

Listed here are five reasons why your business  still holds value and why you should carry them at all times. 

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1. Sharing Contact Information Digitally is Impersonal

Networking is about making effective connections. Sending contact information via email or text on the spot is convenient but it is also exceptionally impersonal. Engaging in eye contact and conversation is how genuine relationships begin. 

So, to create a significant memory of an encounter with someone, who can be your potential client, you need to talk with them and create an impact. Simply sharing information digitally, with heads buried into phones will probably not do. 

Sharing a business card with someone means your first step to marketing yourself or your company. So, make sure it’s memorable, not just swapping details which will soon be forgotten.


2. Business Cards are Direct Marketing Tools

Marketing with email, search engine optimization and paid media all execute a great job of attracting leads and prospects, nonetheless they still aren’t as effective as an actual conference with handshakes and business change.

It is possible to encounter a potential lead or contact at any time; tradeshows, industry seminars, airport lounges — and arming yourself with business cards all the time will make sure that you never skip an opportunity to make a business connection. 


3. A Business Card is the Impression of a Brand 

A business need to do a lot more than just pass for an email address or telephone number, if it wants to be remembered.

To make an unforgettable first impression, you should always make your business card special. Some options are metallic, shiny, and many more.

Yes, they can cost more. But consider how many expenses can be cut to allocate funds for great business cards. 

4. Creative Business Cards Get Shared

A business card is an object which, if created uniquely, has the possibility of getting shared. And your brand stays with them. When you meet a prospect and exchange email addresses and phone numbers you each stroll away with another contact on your cell phone, and it ends there. 

But an innovative business card that produces a great impression is more likely to be shown and shared, thus promoting your brand and company indirectly.


5. Business Cards Show You’re Prepared.

Suppose you met two people and one ended up being scrambling to get a pen and something to write on and the other individual just pulled away a small business card, who are you going to business with? Obviously the latter one. 

Carrying your business card and giving it to prospective clients and others show that you are prepared and ready to do business with them. 

These are a few great benefits of having a business card. They might cost you a little, but these cards are a sure way of making a brand look more professional and prepared. So, if you are looking for business cards in Dubai, you can always connect with us for u9nique and creative cards. 


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