5 Best Facebook Posts Ideas That Can Help Plastic Surgeons To Generate Quality Leads


Facebook is the home for marketers, irrespective of their industry type or size. Therefore, finding a plastic surgeon marketing his services over Facebook is not so surprising. Rather, it is bizarre if you don’t find them taking the leverage of social media marketing. 

Agencies offering plastic surgeon SEO and SMO services take care of this very seriously.

Facebook gives a wide opportunity for marketers to brand their business online, generate quality leads, and attain a huge response from the targeted audience across the globe. And this is possible by sharing engaging posts on the newsfeed. 

However, not every Facebook post you share generate more leads or build more business outreach. No doubt, this also requires proper strategies. 

Here in this article, we would like to share some brilliant Facebook post ideas through which you can cultivate more qualified leads and improve your presence online.

Just have a look.

5 Different Facebook post ideas to generate quality leads

  1. Share quality blogs with proper CTAs: We always ask our plastic surgeon friends to create blogs for their readers. If you have gone through our previous content, you will find we have mentioned blogging as the best content marketing technique for the healthcare brands and so for the plastic surgeons.

    If you have already created informative and engaging blogs for your prospective clients, you must share them on Facebook to generate more leads. The blogs can be related to the surgery, treatment, benefits, side effects, and many more. Your blogs should contain powerful CTAs that can convert the leads into relevant clients.
    Blog posts containing anchor text CTAs are more engaging than normal textual content. They are responsible for generating 50% more leads than other blogs. Therefore, designing a blog with CTA probably in the introduction section is very important.

    Other than anchor text, you can even make use of some popular CTAs like Call us, Book an appointment, Sign up, Learn more, etc.
  2. Don’t forget to include links to your post: No matter what you post, if you don’t use the link of the landing page you are losing a handful of traffic and leads for your website. Including links to the post take the visitors directly to the landing page, building huge customer engagement and of course, highly qualified leads.

    Links included on every Facebook post is responsible for improving the engagement rates and turning them into fascinated leads. Even if your Facebook post doesn’t have any quality image, it has the power to convert the visitors into proper leads. Just you need to add the link under the description of the content or image.
    The link can be either the Home Page, About Us, or Service page of your healthcare website. The best thing is you can easily monitor the links and build analytics based on the number of traffic, conversion rates, and a number of leads from the link itself.
  3. Use Facebook Live videos: Facebook has recently introduced live chat or live video sessions for its users. A big pro indeed for the plastic surgeons. Starting a live video and getting engaged with your audience in real-time is the finest way to bring more leads.

    In this live video, you can talk about your surgical treatment, different types of plastic surgeries, benefits, and costs. You can share your achievements, reveal the name of your happy patients, and ask your prospects to get in touch with you in near future.
    Interacting with the potential patients in real-time, solving their queries, and discussing them about your surgical methods, will help you to gain trust, build brand credibility, and eventually draw more leads to the website.  
  4. Create a Facebook event for your webinar: Being a successful plastic surgeon, you can go for a webinar on Facebook. This is something very interesting. Here you can talk about your treatments, methodologies, benefits, and new medical techniques in detail.

    Share a post on Facebook revealing the date of your webinar and asking your followers to join your event. Other than blogs, a webinar can be a wonderful way to educate your prospective patients and generate more numbers of viewers  
  5. Pin post your engaging posts: Finally, we have another crucial idea for you. Once you post any image, video content, or share any blog, make sure you pin post the engaging posts.
    Well, there is no need to pin posting all your posts. But you must do this for the substantial ones. For example, your live video, webinar, or maybe an informative blog that you want your followers to read.

    Pinning a post makes it visible on the top of your timeline. Whenever a viewer visits your timeline will able to see this at the top section of your profile. Don’t miss this at any cost. 

Take Away

For plastic surgeons, leads matter a lot. Generating good quality leads and nourishing them properly is very important, especially when you are serious about your healthcare services. This helps you to reach the right audience directly and convince them to hire your services. 

The introduction of digital marketing services has changed the marketing technique of plastic surgeons. Those who used to struggle for years to attain a strong reputation in the market are now using digital marketing strategies to pave their way to success in no time.

What are you waiting for? 

Facebook doesn’t cost you a lot. So, ensure you pay attention to this, properly.


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