4 Tried and Tested Tips from Veterans to Owners of Growing Businesses


Growing Businesses

No one is born an entrepreneur. Some might have a natural finesse for it, but actual skill is learned through real-world experiences. Experts agree that committing mistakes early in life aids in later years where there’s more money to lose.

Making mistakes is just one way of learning. Another effective way to gain knowledge is by learning other’s mistakes – especially those committed by now successful big corporations. This way, business smb, and SME owners will have valuable knowledge less the risk of financial loss.

However, while ‘making mistakes’ is one way to learn, another great way of gaining knowledge is through learning from the mistakes of others. In this option, you also benefit from gaining valuable knowledge without the risk of financial loss.

Here’s a shortlist of tried and tested tips that will help young businesses reduce risk and boost profits.

Develop a clear vision and objective. New business owners, both SMB and SME need to develop their objectives from the beginning. Many startups go straight into their new ideas without understanding their intentions or considering what they want to accomplish in the world. A new business without a purpose can meander along without much momentum.

Vision keeps the focus of the startup aligned with real-world challenges.

Check out the vision statements of these two tech giants:

  • To be the earth’s most customer-centric company —Amazon
  • To be the pulse of the planet —Twitter

Maintain your focus. Many new businesses try to focus on too many things simultaneously. However, doing this can lead to untoward consequences. Many startups try marketing their message to a wide target audience without understanding that it’s actually counterproductive.

Trying to appeal to everyone may dilute your message and lead your business to have a complex, bloated product. Check out the case studies on WeTransfer and Pinterest that succeeded by focusing on a single class or segment of an audience.

Focus on your product rather than investors. Not all bright ideas get funding. A great way to succeed for a startup is to create a business model where the idea itself makes its own money.

Create a growth strategy. Before, you’d only need to announce a good idea, and prospects or customers would flock in to see or try. These days, the market has become too saturated with strict competition in every niche. To succeed, an SMB or SME business needs to have the right partners in place – be that a bank, finances, marketing arm, consultation agency, or others.

New Growing Businesses tend to focus on their business and typically forget the importance of growth and marketing aspects. Sometimes a business will delay them until the product is complete. This grave mistake can mean that if the startup fails, it’ll be left with a useless product or wasted opportunity.


Scaling a business requires time and patience. The tried and tested tips above can help new business owners like you become successful entrepreneurs and can save you from making grievous mistakes others made before you, effectively boosting your chances of success in whichever industry you’re in.


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