4 Tips to Influence Purchase Decisions


Persuasion is a powerful tool, and you can use it to your advantage in order to understand and impact consumer behavior.

How do you make a person purchase a product or service? It is the psychology that influences people’s buying decisions. That’s why businesses and marketers aim to get inside the minds of customers. 

In fact, there are 4 key tips that highly affect all consumer buying decisions. Check them out below and make use of them.

Five Ways to Impact Purchase Decisions

Read our blog and learn the most effective strategies to influence your consumers’ purchase decisions which will eventually lead to business development, increased sales, and revenue.

  1. Provide With An Excellent Customer Service

One of the most unpleasant feelings for a customer is knowing that there is no one that could provide them with proper assistance in solving an issue that appeared when using your product.

Make sure that your eCommerce virtual assistants help customers with any difficulty they are facing. More specifically, pay attention to wait time. If it takes a few minutes to respond to your consumers’ queries, then it is definitely not OK. A great customer service trick to use is to compensate for the wait time or the error. You can think of a present, like a t-shirt made with special t-shirt design templates, and make them happy again. Another thing to consider is whether customers can reach you easily. If customers cannot find your contacts or you are available only on one communication channel, then you should think about making changes.

Once you improve these areas, you will witness how eager your customers will become to purchase products and services from you.

  1. Offer Promotions

It is well-known that offers, discounts, and coupons are appealing to customers. Rewarding your loyal customers with small but pleasant perks can help you affect their buying decision and create a strong bond with them.

For instance, offering them free shipping for buying more than two products is a great way to allure your customers and make them complete their purchases. Or, you can offer a 20% discount to a new customer for purchasing coworking space software or other products that your business offers.

  1. Focus On Your Customers’ Needs

When doing business, make sure you prioritize your customers’ needs. Do research about your target audience and reveal their interests, behaviors, opinions, and needs. Once you have this valuable information, you will be able to impact their buying decisions better. 

Another way to understand what your client base needs is by talking with them openly and honestly. Be their friend. They should see in you not a person who aims to make them spend money, but someone who will truly understand their feelings and concerns. 

So, even the angriest client will change his/her mind and buy a product with eye catching design from your store just because you were extremely caring and understanding.

Do a customer success survey in order to get detailed information about what works well and what needs to be done to make your customers happy.

  1. Show Reviews 

When customers look at your product pages they pay attention to descriptions, technical specifications, instructions on how to use it, images, and most importantly, reviews. They might like a certain dress but hesitate to buy it for some reason. However, if they see that other users have left reviews, hopefully, positive ones, they will be more likely to purchase that product.

In Summary

No matter how challenging it might be to learn consumers’ psychology, you must know your audience well in order to impact their buying decisions. Once you possess this precious power, you will be able to change consumer decisions in favor of your business.


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