3 Best Practices for Aligning Customer Support and Sales


For every business, improving sales is an important strategy because it’s the number one way to bring in more revenue. The hard thing is that sales depend on a lot of factors and techniques, including marketing, team collaboration, and customer support. In this guide, we will speak about the latest point which is customer support, discuss its importance, and see how it can improve your company’s sales. 

Three best ways to align customer support and sales strategies

The potential of succeeding in combining customer support and sales is huge because one depends on the other. However, you should be careful to not mess up things and approach this strategy carefully in order to succeed. So, let’s see how you can get started with it.

  1. Prioritize tasks accordingly

Even though your goal is for these two teams to work together, it’s still important to separate their tasks. This will help understand which work needs to be done separately and which is more of teamwork. For example, the goal for your sales team may be getting more customers and leads, converting them into customers, and representing your company’s products and services properly. For this, they will need a script or a specific email template if you’re more into an email marketing strategy. 

On the other hand, your support team needs to respond to emails, messages, and phone calls. Through this, they can provide excellent customer support, answer all types of questions, and resolve any issues. In this case, it’s important to let your teams know what part of the job needs to be completed by them so that they know your expectations as well. Scheduling your tasks is important if you’re suggesting real estate chatbot, so it can help to boost effectiveness.

  1. Track growth separately

The overall success of aligning your sales and customer support team’s work will be measured by the results they provided together. There are some things that can only be complicated if both teams work on it, such as “employee training“, customer success and satisfaction. However, most things will be done by each team separately. 

So, you need to separately track growth and analyze the performance of each team. Call tracking software is the process that permits you to monitor the growth of marketing activities and drive calls to your company. Its importance for marketers and sales teams is crucial because it offers a significant amount of insight into the customer’s marketing performance. This way, you can understand how well they’ve worked, their dedicated time, etc. Moreover, you will be able to reward and appreciate your teams properly, and everyone will get the credit they deserve. 

  1. Organize roundups

Well, you can’t succeed without meetings. Whether your company works online or from the office, meeting with your team and discussing the work they’ve done is crucial. Especially if you’ve chosen the strategy to align your sales and customer support teams, regular roundups can help with many discussions. First, you can determine what tasks are completed and which ones are not started yet. Secondly, you will evaluate whether both teams have collaborated on certain tasks or not. Lastly, meetings will help get together, communicate, and brainstorm, which is another powerful way of better collaboration, and excellent teamwork. 

So, integrate all the necessary tools for meetings and communication, and create an agenda for more success. Also, it’s a great idea to hire a project manager, who can help you to improve your teamwork.


Aligning your customer support and sales teams will help boost your business processes, improve different operations and inner communication, and result in more revenue over time. So, implement the tips mentioned above and track what strategy works best for your brand. Soon, you will see how great such a choice can be.


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