10 Different Types Of Virtual Assistants You Can Hire To Grow Your Business


When you lay the foundation of your business, all you aim for is growth and success as a founder. Many business owners like to term their company as their baby – in the sense of raising it and providing it with everything best. 

When the growth mindset of entrepreneurs reaps results, they feel the need to scale up. And the process of scaling up requires help, ranging from operations to sales. Most business founders want to infuse their energy into securing funds and investments. After all, a rapidly growing business starts increasingly demanding your attention and time. It is a perfect time to hire a virtual assistant, as you require someone to handle the current work and focus on crucial business decisions. Let’s start with understanding who is a virtual assistant? 

Virtual assistant (VA) – An Introduction

A virtual assistant provides you business-related support via online modes. Remote assistant is the alternate name for the same, deriving from the fact that a professional provides services from different geographical locations. A VA can handle various tasks for you, from managerial and administrative to the executive. Here are ten different types of virtual assistants.

  • Social Media Assistant

A social media assistant or manager handles your social media handles. Social media is an essential business aspect for every brand. Both established and young businesses are striving to strengthen their social media presence. However, you have to do ample time and research to create an effective promotional strategy. A social media virtual assistant can come to your rescue, using their creativity, skills, and experience to ensure that your brand stands out on social media. Credit: Unsplash                                                                                          Credit: Unsplash

  • Virtual Personal Assistant

The ‘busy’ in business can be hectic for startup owners. In addition, they always run short on time for family gatherings and personal celebrations. However, having a virtual personal assistant by your side can be a blessing in disguise. A personal assistant can manage your work and personal schedule. From booking last-minute flight tickets to setting up a wedding anniversary dinner reservation, they can come in as your magic wand to save you from the stress of recurring tasks.   

  • Bookkeeping Assistant 

No business can detach itself from finance management. Some business owners feel that finance management is the most significant part of a business because it eases fund allocation. But, bookkeeping is a hectic task that requires time and mind-boggling calculation skills. Can you always commit both to bookkeeping as a business founder? Obviously, no. That is where the role of a bookkeeping virtual assistant begins. They can manage your books, keep track of bills and other records, & assist you even with taxes. 

  • Content Writing Assistant 

Content marketing is strongly emerging as a measure to promote your business. However, every individual requires the correct information about your brand. They must know how your brand benefits them through product descriptions, long-form blogs, and other informational content. An expert and experienced content writing VA can help you formulate engaging content that elevates your brand. Additionally, they can write SEO-driven content for you to get good rankings on search engines. SEO-based content is the ultimate pillar on which your brand’s visibility rests. 

  • Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that you must be familiar with as a millennial entrepreneur. In the last decade, digital marketing has become an indispensable tool for new and old brands to rise. When you join hands with an outsourcing agency, they provide you with an experienced digital marketing manager who knows the best-suited promotional strategies. They apply their skills to generate leads, help you do effective marketing, and save you time. In addition, the digital marketing manager can assist you in handling and fully utilizing your content & social media team.  

  • Remote Executive Assistant 

An Executive Administrative Assistant is a person who assists executives in the workplace with high-level administrative tasks such as taking calls, organizing meetings, managing executive demands, and other office tasks. They may also be in charge of overseeing office functions and supervising lower-level personnel. However, there comes a time in a business owner’s life when they have to set their priorities right. As a result, they often skip employee meetings for other essential tasks. A virtual executive assistant can support the employees at that time, allowing you to focus on core functions without the stress. 

  • Medical Virtual Assistant

Doctors and high-grade medical professionals have a jam-packed day. Specialists like cardiologists, neurologists, etc., have to engage in regular work and medicine research. They can add more hours to their day by hiring a virtual medical assistant. The professional comes in with expertise and can take responsibilities that do not involve the direct involvement of the doctors. For example, they can help set up patient appointments, deal with medical representatives, assist patients with prescriptions, and more.

  • Graphic Designing Virtual Assistant

Visual art and designing are vital to put forth the vision of a brand through infographics, creatives, short videos, and social media content. It is a field that requires specialized knowledge of tools and designing apps. A graphic designing virtual assistant can add much value to your brand’s website and social media. They can help you establish the visual identity of your business. 

  • E-commerce Virtual Assistant 

If you are running an e-commerce store, you must have hands-on knowledge of Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Shopify, and other rising e-commerce marketplaces. Business owners know how to build a store, but the only handicap is the time investment. Ecommerce development is a time-consuming process, and hence bringing in an experienced virtual assistant can solve many problems for them. 

  • Administrative Virtual Assistant  

Routine tasks such as calendar management, making a daily or weekly schedule, managing appointments, etc., are recurring tasks. As an entrepreneur, you cannot keep looking into your day’s details and managing them. A virtual assistant for administrative tasks can help you streamline your day and never miss your priorities. Admin VA can also remind you of an essential task that you must not miss. 

You are now aware of the various remote assistants available to hire. Of course, making a category-specific hire mainly depends on your business requirement. But, no matter what kind of virtual assistant you hire, you should know some expected benefits. 

Quick Understanding Of The Benefits 

  • Cost-Saving: A company can save about 80% of the costs by outsourcing – meaning you can keep a large part of the profit to yourself. According to reports, companies would increasingly adopt remote work in the future, both through outsourcing and direct company hirings. Hiring a remote assistant is ideal for a small business founder looking forward to scaling up their business and saving major costs. 
  • Time-Efficient: According to LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trend Report, hiring takes anywhere from a few days to four months. When you hire a virtual assistant through an outsourcing company like Wishup, you can start working with a remote team in 30 minutes. 

Delegation Is Essential To Growing Your Business

And it’s time that entrepreneurs embrace it with open arms. When you hire a virtual assistant, it is not just to solve a work problem but also to build a team. Team spirit and teamwork have led brands to leave their mark in the market, even during the pandemic. The beginning of Covid-19 pushed business owners to remote work, and it turned out to be in their favor. You can look at highly-successful remote companies that experienced tremendous growth because they hired virtual assistants and built effective remote teams. 


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